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Steps to Educator Registration

Hatchling House will visit you to discuss and assess the suitability of your environment, inside and outside, including meeting with applicant’s partner and other occupants. If unavailable, please complete forms.

You must have or be actively studying towards a Certificate III in Children’s service.

  • Have or apply for a current Positive Suitability Card for the applicant, the applicant’s partner, any other person who resides in the applicants home or regularly visits who is 18 years or over, if applicable. A certified copy of each card is required to be kept on file. Application form available from www.bluecard.qld.gov.au click on blue card system on tool bar then click on forms on the left hand side a menu with Family day care then click – How do I apply?…Print form/s that relate to your circumstance or see the coordinator.
  • Have or complete a current First Aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis and Asthma. This must be compliant with new regulation codes.
  • Have or apply for a National Police Check through Australian Federal Police for the applicant, the and applicant’s partner, any other person who resides in the applicants home or regularly visits who is 18 years or over, if applicable. A certified copy of each letter is required to be kept on file.Police Check Application form available from here.
  • A Coordinator will visit to assess the suitability of your environment, inside and outside.
  • If previously with another service, Hatchling House will inquire with that service whether the applicant has been subject to any recent sanctions, including termination from a service, to assist us to determine whether the applicant would be considered a ‘suitable person’.  From DOE factsheets.
  • If living in a rental property, ask owner/real estate agent for written permission to commence you Family Day Care business within the home.
  • Complete Application Forms with the names of 2 referees to be contacted by the service.
  • Interviews by the service will be completed, including meeting with applicant’s partner. If unavailable, please complete form.
  • Applicant will be advised of outcome of the interviews.

If application is successful, you will need to:

  • Enroll in and be actively studying Certificate III in Children’s Services or produce certificate as proof of completion.
  • Apply for an A.B.N through the Australian Taxation Office.
  • Blue Card and First Aid requirements met.
  • Enroll in Certificate III in Child Care Services or produce certificate as proof of completion.
  • Pay for New Educator Start up Kit – $75.00 including GST – Service Policies & Procedures, forms folder, educator handbook and various laminated posters.
  • Registration Levy $ 75.00 – includes all new Legislation Documents, certificate of approval, educator resource folder and child protection kit.
  • Harmony program for submitting Timesheets and also a complete accounting package.
  • Purchase block of timesheets to manually complete – $17.00 including GST.
  • Hatchling House Family Day Care Shirts approx $ 30.00 and Educator Hat $ 6.00.
  • Complete the Educator Agreement.
  • To use your car you must provide copy of Car Registration, Supply a Vehicle Safety Certificate Child Restraint Check – office will advise of contact person and drivers License number and expiry date.
  • Complete Out & About this week & risk assessments for outings.
  • Complete and submit your fee schedule – examples & information from the service.
  • Medical Certificate- letter to doctor from the service.
  • Emergency and evacuation floor plan with instructions.
  • Purchase a fire blanket &/or fire extinguisher.
  • Pay the Public Liability Insurance with Family Day Care Australia. Application available at the office.
  • Please notify the insurer of you home & contents and car that you are commencing a business from home and using your car to transport children, if applicable.
  • Swimming pool /Spa – council approval certificate as well as risk assessment.
  • Educator levy of $17.00 per week is deducted from fortnightly payment.
  • Start a Business Book with all applicable above included for Parent’s to see on interviews.

When ALL of the above requirements are completed and certified copies of required documentation is on file, children can be placed in your care. All the above expenses are tax deductible.

download educator application   Educator Application