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Are you taking any prescribed medication?

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Do you have any Learning Needs?

Do you have a First Aid Certificate?

Do you have a Working with Children Blue Card?

CPR Certificate?

Childcare experience (including another Family Day Care Scheme)

Do you have any knowledge of Family Day Care?

Do you or any family members that reside at the home have any previous or current Blue Card, Domestic violence, Court orders or child safety issues that we need to know?

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All adult occupants of the home, over the age of 18years, are required to obtain a Working with Children Blue Card.

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Is there a separate area the pet/s can go when children are involved in outside play? (regulation requirement)

Fully Fenced Yard

Swimming pool (with locked gate) and suitable fencing

Does anyone in the home smoke? If yes, explain strategies to implement for Family Day Care

Do you have the use of a motor vehicle?

How many seat belts?

Do you agree to obtain a vehicle safety check every 12 months?

Do you have suitable spaces inside and outside your home for the children to play safely? Please explain



Where would the children rest/sleep?

Do you have shaded area outside for the children to play? Explain

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Do you agree to have your home address & phone and mobile number displayed on Educator List to other Educators in the Setting ( to only be used for Family Day Care purposes)

Do you agree to receive all correspondence by supplied email address and advise any changes to above address?

Why are you interested in becoming a Family Day Care Educator?

How did you hear about Hatchling House Family Day Care?