About Hatchling House

The Family Day Care

Hatchling House Family Day Care is a privately owned, quality child care service, provided in the homes of approved educators. It is a unique and quality child care service, which relies on educators, coordinators and parents to work in partnership to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children.

Educators can care for four children under school age including their own under school children.

Some educators also have up to three school age children excluding their own school age children.

The care environment in family day care offers children stimulating every day learning experiences and activities, with a daily routine that is flexible to cater for the needs of the individual child.

There are a number of Policies & Procedures that describe quality practice in Family Day Care.

Full copies of the policies can be obtained from the office or your educator.

Family Day Care provides flexible hours: full time, part time, before & after school, vacations, weekend, evening & overnight care, depending on the availability and family circumstances of each Educator.

Educators run their own small business and therefore each is individual and able to offer a varied service to families. Each Educator has their own fee schedule and this is an agreement and contract between the educator and the parent. Hatchling House Family Day Care has no influence or input into each Educators fees as they set individual limitations and conditions for their business. The $1.25 per hour parent administration levy is included in each educator’s fee schedule.

Our Philosophy

Hatchling House Family Day Care Service & Educators believe in offering the following Philosophy of service to every child and family by:

  • Providing play opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. There are opportunities for intentional teaching and knowledge building. Educator’s document and monitor children’s learning.
  • Acknowledging that children are capable learners and ensure that choices are based on children’s abilities, interests and skills.
  • Offering a holistic approach to physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well being and cognitive learning.
  • Encouraging nutritionally sound eating choices whilst recognising the diversity and lifestyle choices of families.
  • Involving parents and extended family members in all aspects of the care.
  • Reflecting the multicultural and multilingual diversity and include an understanding of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island way of knowing and being.
  • Promoting the well being of all children; role model and encourage safe practices. Protect and promote the best interests of the children.
  • Becoming attuned to each child’s thoughts and feelings and to support the development of a strong sense of well being in relation to child protection.
  • Ensuring partnerships involve educators and families working together to explore the learning potential in everyday events, routines and play.
  • Ensuring indoor and outdoor environments invite open ended interactions and play while encouraging spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and foster hope, wonder and knowledge about the natural world.v
  • Upholding children’s rights to have their cultures and identities, abilities and strengths acknowledged and valued and respond to the complexity and individuality of children’s and family’s lives.
  • Implementing behaviour guidance strategies that preserve the dignity, privacy and rights of the child at all times.
  • Developing respectful and reciprocal partnerships between families, educators and the community.

Hatchling House Family Day Care Service endeavours to:

  • Review, evaluate and supervise the Policies & Procedures of the service and the National Quality Framework. Ensuring the implementation of these to maintain a high quality setting.
  • Provide access to current information relating to the Childcare sector and facilitate Professional Development.
  • Recognize that each Educator is a professional and brings to the setting a variety of qualities and skills. Support, respect and foster all aspects of the Educator’s practices.
  • Develop a widening network of secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with Educator’s, children, families, the community and support professionals and maintaining trusting relationships with each other.
  • Encourage all children to succeed to their own capacity, regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities.
  • Hold High Expectations for children’s achievement’s in learning to enable them to progress well.
  • Provide ongoing support that involves engaging with questions of philosophy, ethics and practice: gather information and gain insights that support, inform and enrich decision making about children’s learning.

Referenced from the Early Years Learning Framework 2009